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About Us

The Department of Labour is a major department of the government. It is the responsibility of the Department to maintain smooth industrial relations with labour welfare activities. The implementation of labour laws and activities that promote industrial peace are run by the department at one time. This will enable the objectives of industrial growth and labour welfare.

The Labour department has three field departments under the control of Labour Minister, with assistance and coordination of the Secretary to Government, Department of Labour.

The major 3 field departments are:-

  1. Labour Department:- Implementation of various Labour Laws, labour acts, working conditions and industrial relations and implementation of welfare measures for laborers.
  2. Department of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety and Health:- Implementing Industrial Safety, Health Care, Occupational Diseases and Factories Functions under Factories Act 1948 and Boilers Act 1923.
  3. Employees State Insurance Scheme (Medical) Services Department:- Managing and Running of Hospitals and Pharmacies for workers who are members of the ESI scheme

All the 3 departments are working independently & take care of their departments, the Secretary of the State Labour Secretariat will directly report to the Labour Minister.

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